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Katherine Thurlow & Matthew Panzano — Minted

Katherine Thurlow


Matthew Panzano

Katherine Thurlow and Matthew Panzano

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

84 days until the big day!

Our Story

It was a rare and serendipitous moment when two soulmates ended up teaching high school right across the hall from each other. From dancing wildly with our students to battling each other in the annual Lip Sync Battle, our passion for teaching is what brought us together and helped forge our friendship and our love for one another.

We have traveled across three continents together, and we have depended on each other's strengths and skills along the way (specifically, Kat's French-speaking ability and Matt's haggling skills). We have been fortunate enough to sample weird foods & delicious wines, explore ancient ruins, ride on the backs of camels, and dive off of a cliff because Matt did not read the fine print for that particular excursion.

Through all of life's speed bumps, including a global pandemic, we have continuously supported one another in our dreams, our goals and our ambitions. We invite you to join us as we strengthen our bond even more at the wedding of the century!